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About Our Nurse Practicioner: Miranda Quinton, APRN

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Our practice is so happy and proud to introduce our newest addition to the Gold Star Family!


Mrs. Miranda Quinton, APRN, is a familiar and wonderful nurse practitioner who has experience in a family practice and pediatric practice setting. 

  • Mrs. Quinton has a Master of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University and has previously worked in the Intensive Unit setting at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

  • Mrs. Quinton cherishes the joy of traveling and the serenity of spending time at the beach. Above all, she values the quality time spent with her family and friends.

  • With a robust background in providing intensive unit care, Mrs. Quinton's medical journey commenced in Michigan, where she served in surgical and trauma healthcare in Grand Rapids.

  • During her educational advancement and personal healthcare experiences with her own little daughter, Mrs. Quinton discovered a profound passion for pediatrics and the freedom of healthcare choices for her own family. She is deeply committed to delivering exceptional care to the children in our community and their families. Mrs. Quinton excels in forming meaningful connections with each family unit, offering unwavering support through all stages of life. She is dedicated to educating parents and children, empowering them to make personalized, informed health-related decisions and goals.

  • In addition to her experience, Mrs. Quinton also believes in Gold Star Pediatrics holistic approach. 

    • She does NOT require her patients to be vaccinated. ​

    • She believes in informed consent, meaning you as the parents make ALL medical decisions. We respect parents choice! 

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