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About Our Nurse Practicioner: Jennie Schroeder, APRN



Our practice is so happy and proud to introduce our newest addition to the Gold Star Family!


Mrs. Jennie Schroder, APRN, is a welcoming and refreshing addition to our team. She has tremendous experience from working in the local hospital(s) in the Mother & Baby unit, where she helped moms before, during and after delivery. She is passionate about helping moms experience the new joys of motherhood and loves seeing newborns in our office! 

  • Mrs. Schroder, APRN is a family nurse practitioner. She graduated from Purdue University in Indiana.

  • Prior to coming to Florida, she worked at Christian Northeastern Hospital in Missouri, where she experienced all fields of medicine, from the ER to the Intensive Care Unit. 

  • Most importantly, Mrs. Schroder, APRN is a strong advocate for parents rights in choosing their children's vaccine(s) or declining any/all vaccine(s). She loves connecting with families and growing with them! 

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