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Dear Patients,

We still do not have all the supplies in stock to do circumcisions at this point. We have ordered the supplies from multiple vendors months ago and there is still shortages/supply issues for those products.

After feedback from patients, we have contacted the manufacturer directly and purchased directly from them. They have assured us that supplies will arrive in 2-4 weeks.

Why? We order single use equipment. Meaning, we do not use reusable circumcisions tools. We only use pre-packaged sterile equipment per child, which is disposed after each child. So please keep this in mind.

We are referring circumcisions to John Hopkins All Children's Hospital or Ft. Myers Children's Hospital until we have all the supplies back in stock again.

We are expecting that the supplies will arrive mid-June or early July.

We do have single use frenectomy trays in stock. We have about 20 of those left, and hopefully more will come this month.

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