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Commonly Asked Questions!

Our office has compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers!

  1. Do we take Medicaid? No. We are in the process of credentialing with Medicaid insurances and do not have a contract with Sunshine or other Medicaid insurances as of this date. We will keep you all posted!

  2. What is our vaccine policy? We have a very straightforward policy featured on our Policy page. We have a "Zerro Pressure" policy where we allow parents to make an informed decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate their children. We allow families to make their personal medical choice and we support families in their personal choices. We educate parents on the recommendations provided by American Academy of Pediatrics.

  3. How do I contact the office? The best way to contact the office is through Contact Us on our website or on our office phone.

  4. Is this a private practice? Yes. This is a private boutique style practice. The best way to become a patient is to have a referral from a current patient, or to call and talk to our office staff.

  5. Do you offer Russian speaking staff? Yes. Мы имеем людей которые говорят по русскому. Если вы приехали с Украины, И вам нужно форма (school physical) для школы мы делаем это бесплатно.

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