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Mother's Day Raffle! Log onto Facebook to participate.

We have a wonderful Mother's Day Raffle going on our Facebook. Three people will win $50 Target gift card! This raffle is open to everyone in the community!! This raffle is just for fun and to give back to the wonderful mom's in our community. We hope you can go and buy something you like for your special day.

"My mom raised me alone... My dad died when I was 2. She was poor and we were in India. She struggled everyday and worked endlessly, to earn less than $100 a month. I am endlessly thankful to my strong and loving mom for giving me the life I have now. I also want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my amazing wife Ana, who has given me a beautiful family I am so thankful for. My wife is my rock and the best mom I could have wished for our kids. Happy Mother's Day!" - Dr. Patel

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