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Panda Warmer Arrived!

We are happy to announce that our panda warmer has arrived! It will be used in a room we have for procedures (such as frenectomy, circumcision, etc.)

What is a Panda Warmer?

  • "Panda Warmers are utilized in all births to immediately warm the baby as the pediatric teams assess the infant.

  • The special warming properties allow the baby to stay open (unclothed and unwrapped) for the team to easily assess and evaluate the baby, and for footprints and banding." Source

Why did we invest into one?

  • It is a safe comfortable place for the baby to be.

  • It has a warmer for the baby so baby will be very comfortable laying in it.

  • It provides an environment you can easily sterilize and clean.

  • It measures baby's heart rate, oxygen, and other important things.

Dr. Patel is very excited!

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