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Sophia's Baby Photo! The story behind this photo!

💕Baby Sophia (our daughter on our logo) ❤️

Some of you will know the backstory to this beautiful photo!

⭐️ She was born a little premie in an emergency, my wife was in law school and felt horrible that day. Her teacher told her to go to the ER, and she did, but the doctors didn’t want to do anything. They told her it was early labor 🙄 The next day... it was a horrible memory. I drove her to the hospital in a rush. My wife almost died. Our baby almost died. I was the doc on call and scrubbed in to receive Sophia. As you know we only have 1 hospital in the area and I couldn’t drive beyond a certain range being on call. I had to bring my wife to the nearest ER. In a way, it was relieving, I remember calming myself and knowing I could handle whatever was going to happen. I have saved 23+ weekers. I have stood 8+ hours nonstop next to a baby waiting for an air transfer team. I could do this. I was trained to do this.

💕From the moment I held Sophia, she was my everything! ❤️ She was perfect. She cried. She breathed. She was tiny but her lungs were good. I was so relieved. I told Sophia it was her birthday. My nurses captured a photo of me holder her, it was the best moment of my life (other than my wedding 😚).

I remember my wife was so sick... after the surgery her platelets dropped so low she was bruised everywhere. The first time she looked in the mirror she cried, she couldn’t recognize herself. I was scared too. I’ll admit it now. I didn’t want to admit it then. I knew she would get better, just not how fast.

⭐️ Sophia was so tiny. She wasn’t gaining much weight. My wife and I wanted to get some newborn photos of her, but my wife was so bruised from the low platelets and could barely walk. I was on call 24/7. We decided to do the photos at home and try our best. We couldn’t risk Sophia getting sick. This was pre-c0vid. 2019. But the flu was going around and we didn’t want to start vaccinating until she was older. It was best to keep her away from other for a bit.

⭐️ I watched countless videos online, fumbling at the camera settings and photoshop explanations. I set up a few different themes, this one was fairy 🧚‍♀️. I bought all the props and backgrounds. I was super committed 😅

❤️ I hope one day Sophia looks back at these photos and knows how much her mom and I love her. She is our gift from God. Our miracle baby. The little girl on our logo ⭐️ holding a star 💫

PS: yes I photoshopped the fairy sparkles!

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