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ADHD Testing / Medication

Dear Parents,

We have a lot of calls asking if we do ADHD testing and medication management. YES.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics: "ADHD is the most common neurobiological disorder in the United States and more than 9 percent of children aged 2-17 receive an ADHD diagnosis during their childhood. Most children diagnosed with ADHD had at least 1 comorbidity and approximately 18 percent had 3 or more. These comorbidities increase the complexity of diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of these children. The majority of care for children with ADHD is provided by their primary care physician, though multiple barriers exist that are impediments to providing excellent ADHD care."

We have made a simple chart for parents to view the steps that occur with an ADHD evaluation. Usually, it starts with the parents being concerned for their child. Maybe its bad grades, lack of focus, teacher's concerns, or hyperactivity. Parents will call and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Patel. Then, Dr. Patel evaluates the child and asks the parents and teachers to fill out specific Questionares which help Dr. Patel determine the type of learning issue the child is having, the severity, and which treatment options are best to start with.

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