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Expecting Parents Q & A:

We receive a lot of phone calls from expecting parents who wonder: How do we establish? Do you take new patients?

First of all, CONGRATS! Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Dr. Patel himself has 5 children, with the youngest being almost 2 years old.

  • Do we take newborns? YES. We are taking new newborn patients.

  • Do I have to vaccinate my child? It is completely YOUR choice. We will not dismiss you from our practice if you choose to vaccinate, partially vaccinate, delay vaccination or not vaccinate.

  • Do you take my insurance? Because we are a new practice, we are still getting into network with some insurances. For up-to-date information, please use the Contact Us form or call us at 941-266-5629. We are not in-network for medicaid primary care.

  • How do I set up my newborn visit? You will need a pediatrician appointment before you are discharged (allowed to leave) from the hospital. When you have your baby in the hospital, please call us and we will make an appointment to see your baby within 24-48 hours of leaving hospital. We will see your baby Monday - Saturday. We do not see any babies on Sunday.

  • Home Births: Please call Dr. Patel's office when you are pregnant and come in for a meet-and-greet complimentary appointment to establish the patient-doctor relationship. Dr. Patel can coordinate with your OBGYN, midwife, and/or doula on the birth of your child. Dr. Patel will see your child on the same day your child is born, or the next day if the child is born after 6 PM.

  • Self Pay: New patient appointments are $129 for self pay patients. Established patients pay $79 for an appointment.

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