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Nutrition is very important for children!

As many of you know, we highly recommend organic and holistic nutrition for all children. Each child should be eating healthy and sustainable food, and eating regularly. Sometimes as kids grow older, and life gets busier, we often rush out of the home early morning and forget to eat breakfast. Sometimes, parents come home late and there is no dinner. What do we pack them for lunch?

A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that "Teens not meeting nutrition, physical activity guidelines." Source They reported the following:

  • "75% did not eat breakfast daily,

  • 47% did not eat fruit or drink 100% fruit juice daily,

  • 45% did not eat vegetables daily,

  • 44% drank less than three glasses of water a day,

  • 15% drank sugar-sweetened soda daily and

  • 11% drank a sports drink daily."

In our home, we all have dinner together. We made the decision years ago that one meal must be with the whole family. Often, we have dinner on the floor of our living room. We spread out a huge mat, clatter the plates together, and we all share stories from the day while enjoying a hot meal. This family time is so important and it teaches kids to slow down, enjoy the moment, and eat!

Parents, please make sure your child is eating healthy and daily. It is so important for their development and growth. Please make meals together. Enjoy time together. Family time is the best time for kids.

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