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Tongue Tie Laser IN OFFICE

Tongue Tie?? If your baby has a tongue tie we can take care of this issue IN OFFICE with a simple procedure! Tongue tie can interfere with breastfeeding, latching, and cause baby to eat less and lose weight. It can make the breastfeeding painful. Laster on, it can lead to speech difficulty. This can be avoided by a simple procedure.

How? We have special equipment, autoclave machines to sterilize equipment, and even a laser!

How much?

If you are self-pay person NOT established the price is $199.

Discounts available if you ARE our established Self-Pay patient! $100 out of picket. If your insurance does not cover, the most you will pay out of pocket is $100.

Medicaid patient who are established with us pay ZERO.

Why? Many parents have asked us to do this specific procedure. After careful consideration, we decided we would do the procedures rather than our patients having to drive to Tampa/Fr.Meyers and spend a lot more at a dentist office (who charge $400+). Dr. Patel has done many procedures over 15+ years including putting central IV lines into babies. He is very experienced and knows the newborn anatomy. This procedure takes around 5-10 minutes.

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